Berthoff Fernandes PLLC is a law office based in Dallas, Texas. This section serves as proof of what our immigration team has done over the years. We are proud to say that most of our clients have rated us five stars for the quality of our work. Here are some of the many good things they have said about us. You may also take a look at Margaret Berthoff-Fernandes’ resume.

The Best Immigration Lawyer in Texas

Margaret is a Lawyer that goes above and beyond any of your expectations. When I first meet Margaret she worked for Catholic Charities, doing what she loved for people, whom for many of life’s reason needed the Church’s help. Now that she is in private practice i have used her services for my Wife and Daughter’s immigration needs. Margaret is not just our Lawyer, she is a friend. She is courteous, generous, professional and kind. She will give of her time as you need it, unlike other lawyers, who will either rush you thru a meeting or you speak to a legal assistant instead of whom you hired. I would highly recommend Margaret to anyone who is in need of a Texas Immigration Lawyer. She will go to bat for you and will always hit home runs.

- (5 star review)

The Immigration Angel

Short story… I am a US citizen that married an Australian in 2011. Our legal department offered to “guide” us along the immigration process for my new wife. When we saw the pile of forms and heard the horror stories of people trying to wade through those waters alone we knew we needed professional help. That is when we found our “Immigration Angel”… Margaret Berthoff-Fernandes. She helped us with the initial step of obtaing a green card for “C”. She explained the process to us and then guided us every step of the way. “C” recieved her green card without any problems at all. When the two years was up (now) it was an EASY decision to call Margaret again to help us with the next step. I recommend her services to anyone with with an immigration need!

- (5 star review)

awesome lawyer for all your immigration needs

our case is not finished yet but this attorney has got us through the first step of a same sex fiancee visa petition.we are waiting my same sex fiancees interview at the U.S. embassy in manila philippines.i would reccomend her to any same sex couple no matter what country you are from and for that matter anyone or any couple seeking an immigration attorney.she is the bomb!the real deal! no joke she always answers u 1 she makes herself available.anyone seeking a great caring willing to work with you attorney hit margerette up she is the real deal.i love her god bless her and so does my fiancee jackie

- (5 star review)

case finished k1 fiance visa for same sex couple approved

this is an update on what i posted in july about margaret berthoff fernandes being the bomb she is just got call from same sex fiance from philippines that our k1 visa had been approved at her interview the US embassy in manila philippines.if i remember correctly this is her first same sex case and first case from philippines,so if your same sex or not and from philippines with american fiancee give her your business call her if you read this she does what she says gets the job done awesome job awesome attorney forever indebted to her waited six years for this momment to happen thanks to her it finnaly did.GOD BLESS THANK YOU MARGARET MUCH LOVE AND RESPECT AND THANKS FOREVER :JAMES AND JACKIE!!!!!!!

- (5 star review)

The best immigration attorney I spoke with

I had few questions regarding the green card process, so I called her after reading her previous reviews. Prior to calling her, I have called couple other immigration attorneys and all of their offices told me to pay consultation fee even before I can speak with any attorneys. Not with Ms. Berthoff-Fernandes. Not only she answered the phone, she was very helpful and informative. She answered all my questions and even gave me helpful advices. She was very patient and spent one hour (for free) discussing my case with me. I was so thankful to get her advices. Thank you Ms. Berthoff-Fernandes. I can see why you are considered as one of the top immigration attorney in Dallas.

- (5 star review)

Very Blessed

I am lost for words and gratitude when it comes to Mrs. Berthoff-Fernandez. I am very pleased with the way she works and the results we received from her. I was very afraid and clueless when it came to dealing with my husband’s immigration paperwork and process. She quickly set my mind at ease and I am so happy with the work she did. Thank you soooooooo much!!!!! 🙂

- (5 star review)

God’s Gift

Words is not enough to thank Atty. Margaret for all the help, patience and dedication she has put into my case. I was literally taken advantage by other lawyers by imposing ridiculous fees. They even turned me down and was given lost hope. NOT Margaret! She provided an hour of FREE consultation and worked on my case IMMEDIATELY. I had multiple misdemeanor charges that happened over 10 yrs ago on my record and like to apply for U.S citizenship.

Well guess what???!!! I AM NOW a NATURALIZED U.S. CITIZEN!!! I couldn’t be more happier! She even came with me on my interview so I do not feel nervous!

She really is one if not the TOP immigration lawyer in Dallas. You will not regret or be sorry.
God has given us a gift to help us, that is you Margaret!

- (5 star review)

Shes a treasure

Margaret really is a treasure. Im happy I talked to her. Shes very knowledgeable about her work and she explains in great detail the options at hand. This led me the discovery of steps to take toward gaining my citizenship that I didnt know existed. I felt that she truelly cared about my case, I didnt feel alone, helpless and doomed like I often felt with lawyers before. She is wonderful and highly recommand her.

- (5 star review)

employment authorization document approved

this lady does what she says she gonna do everything falling into place exactly like she said it would wife got approval notice of ead few days ago next step the adjustment of status interview.like i said b4 she’s the bomb she dont bs you and she is just so awesome words really cant describe how good she is highly recommend her to anyone especially filipinos or se asia immigrants she gets it done like she says she will

- (5 star review)

Great Passionate Lawyer

Margaret is an exceptional immigration lawyer. She has gone above and beyond to help me with the whole process of getting my wife approved for her visa. She has been with us for each step, making sure that we had meetings for each step and making sure that every document that was needed was in the correct format and was sent to the correct department. Preparation is her goal, she wanted and made sure that everything was in order for me and my wife. She gave me peace of mind knowing that at any time I could call her and ask her questions for something that I did not understand. Listening to her explain the process made me feel at ease because I could hear the experience and wisdom talking. What also helped me with peace of mind was when she used her personal journey of the immigration process to help me be prepared if any situation arose in the process. I would recommend Margaret to anyone that is wanting to know more about the process or is looking for an Immigration lawyer that will get it done and a caring friend to make sure that your loved one or loved ones are taken care of in this crazy process of immigration.

- (5 star review)

A kind, knowledgeble about immigration, true human being

I have been talking to many attorneys and Margaret just stands out far better than any Pro attorney in Seattle I have talked with. She explained to me the whole process and why i should be confident in going forward with my application and advise me on further actions i should take without charging me a fee. I’m so impressed with her knowledge and her kindness. She is the best attorney and i will recommend her to anyone who need immigration help. From what I talked with her, she is more familiar with immigration rules than some attorneys i have consulted for hours with, and this is very important since i don’t want to hand my life to an attorney who just wants to charge me money and get me deported after. If only, I live in Dallas, I would be so happy to work with her, a true angel!!!!

- (5 star review)

Amazing Attorney!

Margaret is an amazing attorney. Put people in first place. All comments about her on this website say that, and I just had the chance to confirm that. She knows almost everything that one can know about immigration. She helped us a lot. Not only regarding immigration matters, but also with very important recommendations about schools, universities, far beyond her scope. Thanks Margaret!

- (5 star review)

Exceptional Attourney who is passionate about her profession

Margaret gave exceptional legal advice that cleared up the plethora of conflicting information available online. She was very intelligible and gave detailed explanations regarding every question that I had.

My significant other and I had a rather unique immigration situation. Margaret gave us options that would be the least tedious and told us what we needed to do in order to achieve them.

- (5 star review)

Extraordinary & Knowledgeable Lawyer

We consulted Ms. Margaret, she was very knowledgeable about my parents’ immigration situation. She helped us understand the different options we had, and most importantly, she didn’t give us false hope in order for us to hire her services. I recommend Ms. Margaret and I will come back to her every time I need an experienced immigration lawyer.

- (5 star review)

Most trustworthy, detail-oriented, and passionate lawyer in DFW

Before meeting and hiring Margaret , I had several consultations with different lawyers in Dallas and was desperately looking for a good attorney to handle my extremely complicated case. However, I did not feel confident to hire any of the attorneys I spoke to. Coincidentally, I found Margaret and read some her reviews. Immediately, I decided to give her a call, and I am so grateful that I did. That turned out to be one the the best decisions of my life. Margaret is very passionate about her work and devotes her time to her clients and their needs. She spent much more time than she was supposed to with my wife and me and genuinely cared about the success of our case. Margaret walked us through all the processes and was very patient. We found that since she has been living abroad and has provided pro-bono services for various immigration non-profits, she truly understands different cultures.

Margaret is an angel. Don’t question hiring her. Her services are well worth your time and money.

- (5 star review)

Excellent experience

We were referred to Margaret by a friend. Immediately after our first consultation we hired her to lead us through the process. Her knowledge and manner made us comfortable and hopeful. She made sure that we had all the necessary documentation that we needed turned in completely and on time. She also prepped us for our interview and the whole process went very smoothly and as painlessly as possible.

- (5 star review)